Chakras & Vortexes
of Mother Earth

by Ai Gvhdi Waya

Ai Gvhdi Waya

There are sacred spots all over Mother Earth; in fact, all of her is sacred. Just like our bodies and the energies surrounding them, Mother Earth has an aura, too.

The first layer of aura that surrounds our physical body is called the etheric body. This layer looks like cross-hatching or like a tightly woven web all around our form. The etheric body is like a template or blueprint of the physical form; it holds all the information about how to make the physical body during this lifetime. Lodged within the etheric body, on the front and back, are seven major chakras, or power stations, that convert prana, the energy surrounding us, into energy that our bodies can eventually use.

The Far Eastern religions all know about these energy-converting centers. In fact, the acupuncture system recognizes not only the major chakra centers but also the secondary ones. Our etheric bodies are like electric grids filled with power stations that are constantly sucking in prana. The chakras have propeller-like blades, or petals, that whirl and turn either clockwise or counterclockwise. The movement of these blades stirs up the River of Life (the cosmic soup, if you will), and the sub-molecular particles are drawn into the chakras where translation and change take place.

Energy can be changed but it can never be destroyed, and the duty of the chakras is to create a transformative process that can feed not only the physical body through the endocrine glands and the nerves but also the rest of the layers of the aura. The whirling motion creates a vortex of energy. The smaller chakras are located on the palms of the hands, the soles of the feet, the knees, the shoulders and so forth, and they whirl and turn, too. So the human body is literally a walking vortex of sorts.

Mother Earth's Etheric Body

Mother Earth, similarly, has an etheric body around her that acts as a layer of protection. However, at her North and South Poles, there are now holes in her etheric body that have been caused by humans. We too can get holes or tears in the etheric body, which then leaks and bleeds us of the vital life-force energy by which good health is maintained and harmony is kept in place. People who are alcoholics or drug-users often have an etheric body that literally looks like someone has taken a shotgun to it; the etheric body looks like a sieve.

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Mother Earth has a major chakra system as well as a secondary system, just as we do. Each one is a whirling vortex spinning either clockwise or counterclockwise. She has an energy grid system that dowsers and other sensitive people can feel. Sometimes people can locate such an area by using a pendulum.

Ancient cultures, because the people were right-brained (that is to say, they were in touch with their intuition and their psychic/clairvoyant abilities and were believers in many aspects of metaphysics), often built their sacred temples on these Earth chakras in order to take advantage of the spiraling energy that reached skyward toward the cosmos or toward their goddesses and gods.

As times changed and one civilization fell to another, new temples or structures were built on these sites. Those who knew and understood the energies utilized them. Those who didn't would always come away from these sites feeling better somehow, inexplicably uplifted or perhaps healed on some level.

Christianity might pooh-pooh metaphysics, but the founders built their mighty religious centers right on the same sites that other ancient civilizations had used for their temples! At the highest levels, especially in the Catholic Church, the leaders knew about these sites -- what they were and how they operated. That is why so many of the beautiful European abbeys and churches, such as Chartres in France, feel so powerful. People feel moved when they enter these structures, but what they're really feeling is the power and energy of the chakra, moving and transforming the cosmic energy into another form that Mother Earth can digest and utilize. This is not to say that the power of people's prayers aren't present in those churches, because they are; they have a power of their own. But it can't match the power of one of these vortexes.

Druids and Energy Vortexes

The Druids had, perhaps, the most far-reaching and profound effects in working with Mother Earth's chakras. The priestesses and priests maintained the Mother Goddess worship, which included the caretaking of Mother Earth, for thousands of years. They were a living bridge between the old goddess religions and Christianity, carrying it forward despite the rise of patriarchy and the worship of male deities.

The Druids did something very special all over Europe, North America, and South America: they not only searched out and found many of the chakras of Mother Earth, they also created web-like lines of energy that would flow between these points across the globe to move energy and to keep our Mother in harmony and balance.

Druids sailed across the Atlantic. They met and taught the wise women and men of Turtle Island (North America). There they worked with the mound builders in the Mississippi Valley to create a series of temple mounds that were located on Earth chakras in order to keep those vortexes healthy and sound. These mounds extend from the Great Lakes all the way down toward Mexico. One of the greatest and most important of these mounds, called the Great Serpent Mound, is found in southern Ohio. If you ever have a question about what a vortex is, go visit this one. I guarantee it will change your life, blast open your closed chakras, and set you right with yourself. Those in the know always go to this mound for the solstice and equinox ceremonies --and they are Native Americans, Wiccans, and holy people from South America.

The mounds are a line of transmitter stations, which keep a very important north-south energy running at all times. If you draw a line down through Mexico and into South America, you will find that major Mayan, Aztec, and Incan pyramids were placed over these vortex points, too. Further, the Nazca Plain of Peru was, and is, a major beacon point/vortex for outer-space traffic to hone in on in order to find Mother Earth.

The powerful grid running north-south in this region isn't the only one. The Druids worked with peoples of all tribes and nations around the world, creating stone circles to denote places of power or vortex energy. That is not to say that peoples of other nations, particularly those who were close to the Mother anyway, didn't already know about these sites. They did. They erected their own kinds of ceremonial altars or stone circles to indicate sacred sites.

There are other places on Mother Earth that are extremely powerful but have no indicator such as a church, a stone circle, or anything else to bring our attention to them. The Native Americans would often disguise a site by not putting any indicator on the area. They knew most Anglos would never feel the energy, so they would not violate the site.

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