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The Truth About Angels: Are They With Us?

The Truth About Angels: They Are With Us

If you had even the slightest inkling how completely and powerfully you are loved by the angels around you, you would cry for joy -- and then quickly become reassured that you had all the resources, so many more than you ever dreamed you had, to turn your life into the magnificent adventure you want it to be.

The Soul Party

I resort to using the word abundant so often in describing angels because it suggests their great teeming variety and energy -- but what word can really capture how wild, light, infinite, joyful, and expansive their presence is? Language is too linear for this task; words tell you only how "A" connects to "B" connects to "C". The realm of angels is timeless, rich, multidimensional, with levels of meaning you have to feel to understand. The only way I know to begin to understand the nature of this realm is simply to allow ourselves to feel its impact and influence and love. All any of us has to do is give up our resistance to receiving this influence. Angels have so much to tell us. And we can benefit so profoundly from what they want to teach us. The very world would heal if, collectively, "it" -- we -- learned to heed their call.

But remember it's a "soul party"! At one point I tried to describe what it's like to receive angelic help: "Think of it as a ride in Disneyland!" Angels are messengers of joy. They are not the washed-out, faintly smiling, dull little icons you see in cliché religious art. They are as delightful, ingenious, and exciting as they are infinitely loving. They are one with their happy, urgent messages. They are pure focused bursts of joy. In fact, you're not fully "hearing" an angel if something inside you doesn't feel like it's positively glowing.

How Do I Know This? What's My Proof?

I have never been bothered by the question of "proof" with regard to spiritual phenomena. To me, if something is true, it will eventually reveal itself as true. You don't have to go scrambling after it. If you have the human optical ability to see color, and you are taught the names of different colors, no one will have to prove to you that (on clear June days) the sky is blue. Truth is self-evident. So it is with angels: if you allow them into your heart, mind, and life, angels will help you to transform your life. Ask them for help with this transformation, and see what happens.

If you truly have cleared the way for their entry, you'll have more proof of their power, love, and truth than any argument anyone could pose. The proof is in the experience -- and the experience awaits you whenever you want it.

Not that we don't sometimes go to extraordinary lengths to blind ourselves to truth. Human history largely documents this kind of willful blindness and denial -- blindness and denial fueled by fear, which is perhaps truth's worst enemy. Eventually, with your angels' help, you'll see that all fear is illusion. In fact, you might want to start to chant these four words to yourself -- "Fear is a lie" -- even if you can't quite yet bring yourself to believe it. Eventually the truth of it will prove itself.

Letting The Truth Come Out

Spiritual or religious defensiveness has always struck me as sad and self-defeating -- not only when people are determinedly closed off from experiencing anything other than the material world, but also when a proponent of a particular spiritual "truth" attempts to cram it down someone else's throat. There hasn't been a religious pundit yet who through sheer force of "logic" was able to sway any nonbeliever one iota toward an alien belief. Truth will out, if only we'll learn to get out of its way. I don't have to lecture you on the blueness of the sky. All you need to do is look up at it.

So right off, please understand that this book, May the Angels Be with You, neither defends nor attacks any particular view (religious or otherwise) of angels. I have no angelic "axe" to grind. I do only what I know how to do: pass on "the news" that these miraculous beings in various ways pass on to me. Their truth -- or the truth of this or that speculation I make based on what they tell me -- will speak to you or it won't. If it does, all the "proof" I'm interested in is that it's helping you. If it doesn't, well -- there's always its entertainment value! (But don't give up on it quite yet.)

Letting go of our defenses is frightening at first -- but ultimately it is such a relief! I urge you to try to release your fear and anger every chance you get, especially any moment you feel yourself clench and about to say, "But . . ." Allow whatever feeling, thought, or opinion occurs to you simply to be. Just "hear" it. Don't argue or attempt to explain it away. Don't do anything about it! Simply make room for whatever thoughts come after it. Entertain each of your thoughts, like guests. Be courteous, withhold judgment, just keep the flow going. Eventually it will become clear to you which "guests" feel welcome (or "true"). You will be clearing your psychic airwaves -- not only to allow truth to reveal and prove itself, but also to open up the path for your angels.

Experiencing the presence of angels is enlivening, abundant, rich, a little like listening in on the spiritual radio waves of the world: cliff-hanger stories, ringing laughter, miraculous solutions, deeply loving support. Perhaps this all sounds a bit frantic, but it isn't at all. Angelic peace proceeds from a perfect unconditional love -- a stillness somewhere mysteriously within the angel -- that answers to something just as deep in ourselves. There may well be joyous and productive activity at the "surface" of this peace, but there's always a stillness at its heart.

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What Angels Are -- And Aren't

Many people envision angels as little pink winged humanoids whose wan smiles too rarely engage much interest or curiosity. As a result, even if we profess to believe in them, we often envision our "guardian angels" (and we do all have guardian angels) as comfortingly dependable icons, like caricatures of perfect aunts, grandparents, uncles. We may also feel -- or crave to believe -- that any angels who may be helping us are the souls of recently departed loved ones. The pain of loss often induces the hope that they are by our side spiritually now, as angels.

Departed souls can have a great, loving, and beneficial impact on our lives: you may well feel the presence of loved ones who've passed on. But their gifts emanate from human souls in transition from one state of being to another. Their guidance is very personal, invested with a lifetime of particular lessons and caring, a focused attention we can receive from no one else. Angels are not human -- and therefore have no human past to distract or prejudice them. They invite deep trust and intimacy, but their primary function is to convey whatever particular joyful messages we need to thrive. They are infinitely adaptable and full of quicksilver ingenuity and transformations, and yet there is something changeless in their being, in the constancy of their unconditional love for us. They are what and where they are meant to be: accessible to human consciousness, and connected to spiritual realms we cannot reach without their help. Their place in both divine and human realms is securely set.

I bring up the distinction between angels and departed human souls for one very practical reason. I had a number of (initially bewildering) encounters with various spiritual presences, not all of them (I learned) worth embracing or listening to. In other words, I learned that not every voice in my head is an angel.

This doesn't mean that some sinister Addams Family ghouls are out there to get you. Each of us has the inborn capacity to tell "good" spiritual influence from "bad." Distressing spirits are almost always those of departed souls who have not yet made the full transition from the physical realm to the spiritual; their anxiety and fear get passed on to whoever is receptive to it. There is always a note of despair or anger or bitterness in our experience of these souls. You feel more troubled than helped by your encounter with them. But to disengage, you have only to say and feel "no" to them. It's that simple.

Angels, on the other hand, are infinitely joyful and loving. While an encounter with an angel may unnerve you a bit (indeed, it often will), it's always because the angel is beckoning you to achieve something more joyful, rewarding, pleasurable, and/or ambitious than you previously dared to consider taking on. Feelings of love and support with angels always increase, never decrease. There isn't the barest touch of negativity in any angelic presence: there is only joy.

We All Have An Innate Lie Detector

Each of us has the spiritual equivalent of what Hemingway described as a writer's most valuable tool: a "crap detector." If, down in your gut or in your subtlest inner ear, something you hear or think feels even a little forced or fake, or in some other way just "doesn't work," it's very likely "crap." Ditto spiritual impressions, especially if they're touched by anxiety or other distress. Cut yourself off from the source of this negative emanation quickly and completely. (This is an instance where "Just say no" really works.) Once again, if the spiritual or psychic message or feeling is "true" or angelic in origin, you'll know it. If it's not, you'll know it, too: it will tend to claw you in the gut.

Of course, if truth were always so easy to perceive and acknowledge, a lot more would be self-evident. Certainly if the truth about angels came to us more frequently in physically or conventionally identifiable ways, we wouldn't have consigned them to Christmas decorations or wishful sitcoms. We would acknowledge them openly in our lives as very real presences.

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May the Angels Be with You: A Psychic Helps You Find Your Spirit Guides and Your True Purpose
by Gary Quinn.

May the Angels Be with You by Gary Quinn. In the inspirational and upbeat voice he has become famous for, Gary describes how he has guided so many people to contact the angelic guides who have always surrounded them -- but hadn't yet been acknowledged or let in. And the results are always incredible -- people's lives change, their goals are achieved, their relationships are healed, simply by letting in the angels who are always there waiting to help, full of joy and positive energy.

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In addition to working with Hollywood celebrities and prominent figures in the fashion and magazine industries, Gary Quinn draws large crowds to events around the country. He lives in Los Angeles. Visit his website at

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