I Was Born during the late Eastern Han Dynasty...
by Dena Merriam
I was born during the late Eastern Han Dynasty (25 CE-220 CE) into a family of ardent Daoists who…
Gender Outranks Race When Kids Describe Themselves
by Deborah Bach, University of Washington
Kids ages 7 to 12 rate gender as more important to their social identities than race, say…
How To Keep from Getting Sucked into Your Rage
by Lisa Garr
When you’re living an aware life, it’s important to avoid black holes that tend to pull you down…
How Music Benefits Children On Many Levels
by Dawn Rose, University of Hertfordshire
Popular ideas, such as the “Mozart effect” – the idea that listening to classical music improves…


overweight toddler 4 22

Are We Feeding Our Toddlers A Risky Diet?

Hayley Syrad, PhD candidate, UCL
Why All Cities Should Have A Department Of Food
by Samina Raja, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York
In the United States, we live in a nation where hunger and obesity go hand in hand. More than 17…
Hormone Assaulting Toxic Phthalates Seem Everywhere
by Andrea Germanos
The bulk of the products were in the category of household paints and primers, using the chemicals…
Why Losing Bees Will Sting More Than Just Our Taste For Honey
by Marianne Peso, Macquarie University
Your morning coffee might be a thing of the past if bees disappear, and if coffee isn’t your thing,…
3 Backyard Science Activities For Curious Kids
by Caitlyn Forster et al
During lockdowns, millions of homes were transformed into mini schools as parents and teachers…


The Collective Rite of Passage That Is Climate Change
by Connie Zweig, Ph.D.
The mountain roads around my home are flooding, only weeks after we escaped wildfires. Climate…
How the Bottled Water Industry Is Masking the Global Water Crisis
by Zeineb Bouhlel and Vladimir Smakhtin
Bottled water is one of the world’s most popular beverages, and its industry is making the most of…
Voice Deepfakes: What They Are and How to Avoid Getting Scammed
by Matthew Wright and Christopher Schwartz
You have just returned home after a long day at work and are about to sit down for dinner when…
Protecting Online Privacy Begins with Tackling ‘Digital Resignation’
by Meiling Fong and Zeynep Arsel
In exchange for access to their digital products and services, many tech companies collect and use…


InnerSelf's Daily Inspiration: March 31, 2023
by AlixSandra Parness, DD
The Daily Inspiration is a short message to help set the tone for this day. It is linked…
InnerSelf's Daily Inspiration: Do Good, Be Good
by Shari Arison
March 30, 2023 - We have the power to replace those old beliefs that aren't working…
InnerSelf's Daily Inspiration: Flow with change.
by Jean Walters
March 29, 2023 - You can learn to flow with change.
InnerSelf's Daily Inspiration: Choose Happiness
by James D. Baird
March 28, 2023 - You know happiness when you see, hear, and feel it.


indict a ham sandwich 3 31

Indicting The Proverbial Ham Sandwich

Robert Jennings,
Do They Really Need Even More Lethal Guns?
by Robert Jennings,
While the style of assault weapons is not immaterial to their actual use, two other factors relate…
How Dogs Make Us More Human
by Robert Jennings,
Ever wonder why your dog-loving friends can't stop talking about their four-legged, drool-producing…
Who Is Destroying American Democracy?
by Robert Jennings,
In a recent Quinnipiac University poll, most Americans expressed concerns about democracy being in…
Is It Time to Hug the Federal Reserve?
by Robert Jennings, with assistance of GeorgeGPT
The Federal Reserve has come under closer scrutiny as of late in our battle with inflation. And…


The Medieval History of Passover: Libel, Conspiracy, and…
by Miri Rubin
On April 5, 2023, Jewish families and their friends will be…
Pluto in Aquarius: Transforming Society, Empowering Progress
by Pam Younghans
Dwarf planet Pluto left the sign of Capricorn and entered Aquarius on…
Faces Created by AI Now Look More Real than Genuine Photos
by Manos Tsakiris
Even if you think you are good at analysing faces, research shows…
Voice Deepfakes: What They Are and How to Avoid Getting…
by Matthew Wright and Christopher Schwartz
You have just returned home after a long day at work and are about to…
ChatGPT Reminds Us Why Good Questions Matter
by Stefaan G. Verhulst
By producing resumes, essays, jokes and even poetry in response to…
How We Are Kept from the Good Life and Community by…
by Cormac Russell and John McKnight
Consumerism carries two related messages that dampen the impulse to…
How To Make Your Clothes Last Longer
by Sajida Gordon
Every garment will wear out after repeated wearing and washing. On…
The Collective Rite of Passage That Is Climate Change
by Connie Zweig, Ph.D.
The mountain roads around my home are flooding, only weeks after we…
Why Athletes Should Develop Mindfulness
by Jennifer Meggs
Athletes at the very highest level of their sport face the challenge…
Democracy & Activism
US Embassy photo by Vince Alongi

A Long And Unfinished Road to Democracy

David Morris, Institute for Local Self-Reliance
Why Populism Has an Enduring and Ominous Appeal
by Daniel Drache and Marc D. Froese
Why Canada Fears The Chaos Of US Politics
by Oana Godeanu-Kenworthy, Miami University
Environment & Climate
Home & Garden
What Are City Bees' Favorite Flowers?

What Are City Bees' Favorite Flowers?

Elizabeth Franklin and Caitlin Potter

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