Tips For Reinventing and Invigorating Your Space To Manifest Happiness and Prosperity
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When you think that something is block­ing you from reaching your goals, review your space and notice anything blocking the pathways. Consider rearranging tightly spaced furniture that blocks the energy of each room. For instance, facing furniture toward the room’s entrance avoids a closed or boxed-in feeling and keeps the room open and invit­ing — both literally and metaphorically. How furniture in your space is set up affects your emotions and health and influences what you bring into your life.

For example, Michelle had been in great health when she de­cided to move closer to her grandkids, but shortly after moving, she felt fatigued, boxed in, and dreadful. When I arrived, the first thing I noticed was that her couch faced the fireplace and the tele­vision, with its back to the entrance of the room. To sit down, you walked around the entire couch. Michelle explained that she felt uneasy sitting on the couch, as if something would “surprise” her from behind.

To solve this, we rearranged the furniture so the couch faced the opening of the room, creating an open and welcoming space. Of course, this change required moving the rest of her furniture, including artwork and the television. Michelle hired a handyman to move the flat-screen television and to rewire, patch, and paint.

Next, we worked on decluttering and moving things around in her kitchen. After, she was amazed at how her mood and energy were back to normal. When I followed up with Michelle a year later, she was excited to tell me that she was “healthy and settled” and she had “slimmed down over twenty pounds” by eliminating certain unhealthy foods.

Beverly had been single for a long time. When I assessed her home, I noticed only one nightstand. We added another one, not only for balance, but to symbolize bringing a partner into her life. She also decluttered items that made her sad and guilty and that did not meet her criteria for keeping around. After the change, she noticed that she was more balanced, and she started to date a guy who met her criteria for an ideal partner. She reported feeling “more fulfilled than ever before.”

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After Phoebe rearranged her kids’ rooms, family room, and garage, she told me that she felt anxiety-free and at peace for the first time in years.

Trent was a successful businessman. He had money pouring in, yet he had been divorced and single for eight years, with no love in sight. First, Trent and I discussed what he valued in life. He told me he wanted to find a partner. His goal was to meet someone within the next year and get married again. He was missing love and felt confused and desperate much of the time.

I noticed that his backyard — where he enjoyed gardening, entertaining, and hanging out — lacked a sitting area. So we placed a gazebo in the backyard to create an area for friends to gather, with the intention of bringing some love into his life. We decorated the gazebo with bungalow furniture that matched the architecture of his home, along with red and purple pillows, cushions, candles, and artwork that symbolized “love” to Trent. The gazebo inspired Trent with the exciting possibilities of romance, and within one year, he met the love of his life.

Arranging Rooms To Manifest Happiness and Prosperity

Making simple changes to your space with the intention of bringing your dreams to life can help increase your motivation, creativity, and wealth. It can facilitate career changes and a bet­ter social life and love life.

Moving furniture apart gives rooms a more “airy” feeling; creating open walkways helps you breathe, sleep, and live more easily in your space. Your space’s energy has the potential to stimulate creativity and inspiration.

Decorate and fill your space with objects that symbolize your ideal lifestyle. Figure out how and where to place objects so they don’t look clumped together, such as by categorizing and dis­playing things in cases. Deliberately placing objects and fixing up empty spaces can enhance your life and fill your lifestyle with ev­erything you’ve dreamed about.

Renovating and Beautifying Your Space

The extent to which you renovate, redecorate, or redesign your space depends on your budget, energy, and time. Depending on your level of experience, renovating a space will feel exciting, ter­rifying, or both. Either way, it’s a big commitment, and it usually requires hiring professionals to do some or all of the work. Nev­ertheless, your goals and choices drive the work, since it’s your ideal home or workspace you are creating.

If you’re going to do a thorough remodel, consider taking an interior design class to give you ideas and help with planning. Here is a quick overview of things to keep in mind.

Hiring Contractors

When you have a large, complex project, a good way to find a con­tractor that you like is to hire them for a small part of the project and see how they are to work with. In general, when looking for contractors, get referrals from neighbors and from online neigh­borhood venues. Then do your research, check online reviews, and call recent references.

I once checked the references for a flooring guy without realizing they were from years ago. I’m sure he’d been an excellent contractor in the past, but he made blunder after blunder in my home, and eventually he admitted he had recently lost his wife, relapsed, and was not motivated to work.

During the work itself, be on-site at all times, or have some­one who knows design help keep a close watch on the quality of the work. Contractors and workers don’t want someone breathing down their neck, but when homeowners aren’t around, they can get lax. Contractors often leave their workers unsupervised, so poke your nose into your masterpiece anytime you want. Speak up if you see something that bothers you or that you know is off. Remember, it’s your space and your money, and you are the “boss.”

Renovating,Decorating, and Designing Considerations

Renovating, decorating, and designing a space can be overwhelm­ing, and sometimes you will think you’re going mad, but in good time it’s the next step for creating a nirvana home or workspace, and you deserve it.

Decide for yourself how much of this work to do yourself and when to hire professionals. When these improvements require in­vestments of time and money, how much you spend is up to you. Even with a minimal budget, you can accomplish a lot with plenty of dedication and elbow grease.

Whether you want a new coat of paint or an entirely new interior, the goal is to create a space that supports your values and life goals. Creating good energy and flow in your home is more than rearranging furniture. To create an ideal living space, consider paint, wall coverings, flooring, and new furniture that ideally align with your “today taste,” and the architecture of your home.

Search for and find furniture that is aesthetically pleasing, practical, and functional. Find furnishings, paintings, and décor at consignment stores and online, or at local furniture makers’ studios. Most top designers now are shopping green and finding lightly or barely used high-end pieces that are unique. You can find expensive, quality pieces by shopping green. As long as what you buy is real wood and high quality, you will be happier than if you buy cheap, trendy, “good-looking” pieces.

When you want new items, hire an interior designer to help you find pieces that are made well and that will impress rather than stress you and your bank account. Designers get deep discounts at all the large stores and from manufacturers. Find a designer who will pass these savings on to you.

When you take a good look around your place, you will find that some of your space’s contents are misplaced, broken, chipped, and dodgy looking, so continue to declutter. Some of your items could use a coat of paint, or they are no longer “you.”

Creating ideal space means moving things around and around until a space feels open and wondrous. Like moving clothes with the seasons, I call this dance “musical stuff.”

Tips For Invigorating Your Space

Here are some ways to create and maintain a lively, clear space, and declutter further. More than merely cleaning and arranging, these are ways to polish your space so that it is inspiring and embodies or reflects positive attributes and ways to live.

  • Keep windows clean: Just as your eyes are the “win­dows of the soul,” windows are the “eyes of your home.” Dirty windows symbolize that your vision is blinded and cloudy, while clean windows represent seeing your potential and opportunities clearly. Keep windows clean so you can always see the literal and metaphorical horizon.

  • Keep the front door clean: The front door is the first thing people see when they come to your home, and it represents the beginning with you. Energy comes in and out of your doors and windows. When clean, the front door area brings positive energy; when dirty and unattractive, it repels abundance. Put pur­ple flowers near the front door to attract abundance.

  • Replace burned-out lightbulbs and broken lamps: When lamps and lightbulbs are burned out, it means you are burnt out and cannot see your future pros­pects. Adequate lighting helps you see a bright and favorable life ahead.

  • Tighten knobs, handles, and bathroom faucets: Loose handles represent losing your grip. Everything slips away, and you can’t hold on to money, friends, fam­ily, or anything you’re working on.

  • Ensure plants are healthy: Dead plants represent dead energy. Always have lively, happy, well-fed, and well-watered plants. Fame, recognition, expansion, financial prosperity, and health depend on healthy living things in your home and office.
  • Keep toilet lids down and drains covered: Leave toi­let seats and lids down and cover drains in order to protect your energy (or chi) from going down the drain, along with your wealth, knowledge, health, and other valuables. In addition, close the door to all bathrooms when you leave.

  • Store nothing under the bed: Symbolically, storing items of any kind under the bed represents under­lying issues you cannot sort through. Stuffing items under the bed hinders your dream state and waking life, and it makes for restless sleep. For a peaceful slumber, keep the area under the bed clear and dust-free.

  • Keep mirrors clean: When mirrors are dirty, you can­not see yourself clearly, and that makes it impossi­ble for anyone else to see you clearly. Plus, like my mother always said when she would see someone who looked disheveled walking down the street, “Did they look in the mirror this morning?” Mirrors help keep you polished and attractive. When mirrors are sprayed with toothpaste and dirt, you cannot attract what you desire in life, and you will miss out on clear opportunities, people, and self-understanding.

  • Store nothing behind doors: When you store any items, such as mirrors or pictures, behind a door, it means you have a hidden agenda. Items blocking any part of the door represent blocked opportunities. To expand your options, remove anything that keeps doors from opening and closing completely and without hindrance.
  • Fix drips and leaks: Leaking water represents leaking wealth; fix leaks to keep money from draining out of your life.

  • Sharpen pencils and dispose of old, nonworking pens and markers. They represent a nonworking part of you.

  • In closets, arrange clothes on hangers with the front of the clothes all going in the same direction: Replace all bulky wooden, wire, and plastic hangers with slim hangers. Having all the hangers match helps keep your clothes from becoming disarrayed. This is sym­bolic of creating a more harmonious lifestyle.

  • Remove all fake flowers, silk plants, dried flowers, fake fruit, and replicas of living things: These are dust collectors that “suck” energy from you and your dwelling. Symbolically, these represent fake aspects of yourself! At minimum, keep the “fake” stuff clean and dust-free.

  • Regularly clear your computer and devices of spam and negative information: Regularly seeing negative information causes unease and anxiety. In general, do what you can to decrease the amount of junk email and solicitations you receive. If your work involves dealing with problems, complaints, and “ugly” infor­mation, develop a system to keep only positive in­formation on your computer. Transfer negative infor­mation onto backup devices.

  • Regularly clear out your refrigerator and pantry: Sim­ilarly, make a habit of disposing of old, expired food and any other food items that are no longer edible. Clean refrigerator and pantry shelves regularly.

  • Clean out purses and briefcases regularly: Make sure you have a home for receipts, business cards, and notes, and throw away wrappers and trash from purses and briefcases. Clean the outside of purses and briefcases daily with a spray solution and cloth, since these collect bacteria.
  • Continually declutter: Clutter in your home, or keep­ing items you don’t use or cherish, symbolizes hold­ing on to negativity and not making room for new opportunities. Throw unwanted things away or put them in the garage and regularly donate them to charity.

  • Avoid art and objects that make you sad: Represen­tations of death, people drinking, drug use, tragedy (including people who died tragically, like Marilyn Monroe and Elvis), and sad characters symbolically bring that into your realm. Art depicting hunting, ferocious animals, and war symbolically brings vio­lence and hatred into your heart and home. In addi­tion, avoid art that depicts only one of something, like a single bird or flower; this represents feeling or being alone.

Creating good energy and flow instantly makes a room intriguing and enchanting, but it does more than that. How living spaces are arranged will help you relax and become more creative in man­ifesting your goals. Like the saying “open sesame,” unobstructed space and well-designed furniture and décor placement will create a free means of access, admission, and sparkle to every room.

Excerpted from the book The Clutter Remedy.
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