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We must be willing to let go of the old to embrace the new. We must be willing to accept guidance from our Higher Self even when we don’t want to. We must be willing to recalibrate and invite solutions that we had not considered—maybe even ones we don’t want!

Remember, if you are hearing an inner voice that tells you that you “should” do something, it’s coming from your left brain, the logical part of the brain. This is because “should” is not part of an inner guidance and intuition process. If you have a strong feeling that the information floated in or “landed” in your brain, then you are very likely receiving from the intuitive side of the brain. Always check with your Higher Self as to what your best course of action should be.

Releasing Fear of the Unknown

We must also look at disappointment, whatever the outcome, and decide that “The universe knows something I do not know.” We must release our fear of the unknown, release our fearmongering about what will happen if things do not go the way we think they should, trust the process, and pray. Yes, pray that no matter what is going on in your life, in your family life, and in your country, you will find a way to pray for the highest possible outcome.

Do not pray for your preferred outcome. Pray for the ideal outcome—even if you do not like the idea or understand it. It may turn out to be better than expected.

Letting go of Control

The number one thing people need to let go of is “control.” This is the most challenging thing to master, yet once you do, you will have “everything.” Here’s why: It is important to learn to know what you want, ask for it, reach for it, bring it in, and move toward it. Yet once the universe knows your desire you must let go and get out of the way. Let the universe fill your desire the fastest and easiest way possible.

Who would get in a cab at LaGuardia Airport in New York and tell the cab driver which of the tunnels or bridges to take into Manhattan? We expect the cabbie to know what the best route is, even though it may be counterintuitive to us. Why wouldn’t the universe have the same skill?

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The answer is obvious. It does. But if you are so busy controlling things you may not be able to see that.

Being Open to New Solutions

Years ago, I saw a Disney movie, Snowball Express, in which a man inherited a ski lodge, but the legal and financial complications turned out to be outlandishly difficult.

While he was wrapped up in these troubles, he didn’t realize his child had a solution for the dilemma. Each time the child said, “Dad, Dad,” the father would respond with, “Not now honey, I’m trying to solve a problem.” This scenario repeated itself several times before the father finally in desperation said, “What is it?” The child offered the solution and the father’s response was, “Why didn’t you tell me this sooner?”

In yet another true story a child observed a too-tall semi that had driven into a tunnel and was stuck, unable to move forward or backward. No one was able to figure out what to do as the traffic piled up! The child asked, “Why don’t they let some air out of the tires?” Priceless.

Finally, we turn to the famous Albert Einstein who said you cannot solve a problem from the same vantage point of the creation of that problem. How then do we solve life’s problems? We let go!

Let us envision the beautiful world, the country, and leadership we are creating for ourselves!

The Spiritual Revolution: Here & Now

There is a spiritual revolution out there—and you know it. You know it’s up to you, and yet you don’t know exactly how you can make a difference! I will share a few ways you can make a difference in yourself and others. Let’s start with language and explore the way you talk.

I make an effort to choose my words wisely and so can you. I’ve given up the familiar phrase, “I have to . . . ” because it puts your power outside of you! Who says you have to “anything”? Why do you let something implied control you?

Instead of saying, “I have to pick up the kids from day care” change it up to, “I like to pick my kids on time because it makes them feel good!” “I have to do this report” becomes, “I agreed to get this done—and I need to finish it now.” “I have to meet my friend” becomes, “I am meeting a friend for lunch, and like to be on time.” And don’t give your power away with the phrase, “I couldn’t care less.” It’s drama on steroids!

Being Aware of the Message You're Sending Out

One time, years ago, when I habitually showed up at 12:15 for a noon luncheon, my friend finally said, “So, when you agree to a noon lunch you really mean 12:15?” That got my attention, and I vowed immediately to not keep her or anyone else waiting!

My actions sent the message that I thought I was more important than her! Whoa! That was not the message I wanted to send! I was just trying to pack one more thing in my busy schedule, thinking that my work was important to finish, and didn’t take responsibility for a friend being important or for my being late, until that conversation.

Sometimes we use words that everyone else is using, for instance common profanity or jargon like the word gaslighting. Do we need to use objectionable blue words? Isn’t it about time to clean up those words that come out of your mouth? I know, I know, everyone says these things—but choosing to censor yourself and then learning new ways of expression is a good exercise to relieve boredom and relieve anxiety, and you’ll get a boost of energy when you stop using these words! Here’s why.

Consider the most common profanity, the F word. Young people use it more than middle-aged people, but some people of any age still like to use it. What’s important to understand is just like we are choosing to clean up our gender biases, we may as well clean up our gutter language too. And while we are at it, let’s give up the alternate F word, whatever.

The thing is, when you use any kind of profanity you are tapping into the energy that word is connected with, such as anger, rage, frustration, fierceness, and it sends that vibration out of our mouths and attracts that vibration back into our lives.


Empowering the Energy of Everyday Rituals

When you do any kind of special ritual, whether it is drinking your morning coffee, saying the rosary, singing a favorite song, you evoke the energies that are tied with it from all the people who have used those tools to elevate themselves. Now think about the many persons who use blue language to be hurtful, to cause shame and powerlessness. Certainly you don’t want to be a member of that club!

Have you ever walked into a room where there had been a big argument—and you can feel the heaviness and you start to react to that? You can feel it. We call it bad vibes!

So what else do you need to look out for if you want to keep your energy up? Well, look at those heavy-duty complaint words that keep everyone away . . . I’m tired, creates the energy of being tired, simply by announcing it. So when you notice your energy is down, maybe you would ask yourself, What could I do, what could I take, to help me get my energy up?

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